Publishing and Self Publishing Help

Print or Electronic?

Whether you have a contract with a publisher, or intend to self-publish a work on your website or with Createspace, Kindle (or similar), we can meet your needs.  

Please note that Createspace no longer provides paid services like editing, cover or interior design. Your work must be ready to go.  We'll get you through the process and past the finish line!


Most publishers now require an author to provide a properly edited manuscript -- and if you're self-publishing, it's in your own best interest to make your work look as professional as possible.

Many writers mistakenly think they can edit their own work, or get a friend or family member to help. Editing is an entirely different skill from writing, and requires ferocious attention to detail.  Let us attend to the details so that you can focus on your writing!

Style Guides

We'll work with established style guides -- like Chicago, APA, MLA, or Bluebook -- as well as your publisher's or school's guidelines.  


Not all copyeditors can handle complex formatting.  We're able to push Microsoft Word to its limits; and in almost all cases, formatting is done simultaneously with copyediting.  This saves you time and money! 

Services We Manage

Do you require final copy in Adobe InDesign?  A snazzy design for a cover?  Website design?  We can coordinate these services so that you don't have to.

Our Aim

We aim to persevere through all difficulties, meet your deadline(s), and produce a work that meets or exceeds your expectations!