Dissertation Formatting Services

Don't Neglect Editing

Your dissertation (or thesis) is the culmination of years of hard work, usually involving great expense. You want the best presentation possible for a work that may launch or further your career.  Professional editing -- not just help from a friend or relative -- can make all the difference. 

Style Guides

We work with all the standard style guides -- like Chicago, APA, MLA, and Bluebook --  as well as your school's variations and individual requirements.

Technical Subjects

In addition to the humanities and social sciences, we are conversant with technical subjects like environmental science, economics, and engineering.

English as a Second Language

With years of experience working with authors for whom English is a second language, we can ensure that your writing conforms to standard usage.


Don't risk rejection of your dissertation for formatting issues!  Some schools strictly enforce these requirements.  Copyediting Plus guarantees that formatting will follow your school's guidelines.

What's more, we'll take care of of all those challenging formatting issues -- references, bibliographies, footnotes, table of contents, etc.